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2019 Wet Tyre Update

For 2019 we will be having a new wet tyre, the Bridgestone YLP.

I appreciate that it is far from ideal but we have been informed by Bridgestone Europe that the YFD that we run is no longer available and once the remaining stocks are used up, that will be it. They will still be producing the YFD in a cadet size.

Due to this we will have the YLP from 01/01/2019 as our tyre, but we will be running a cross over period where either tyre can be used till 30.06.19.

An advantage of the change to this new tyre is that there will be a much greater option for secondhand availability.

As 100UK members you will be entitled to a sizeable discount (circa 8-10%) off RRP on both slicks and wets.

I hope you appreciate the situation and that this change has been made purely due to future supply issues.

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